Thursday, August 19, 2010

trip to texas picturepalooza! (part 5)

san antonio! houston! galveston! brenham! in these pictures, we travel to all of these places over the course of a week...and still managed to smile in the end.

AAAAH! DINOSAUR! the witte museum had a fantastic mechanized dinosaur exhibition going on (we're still in san antonio)

but after the dinos sophie hit the still lives and especially liked those representing texas beasts...

...and this one of paco trying to eat a jackrabbit

and she thoroughly enjoyed playing her new guitarra all the way from san antonio to houston

galveston! this is the absolutely gorgeous view out of our window at the san luis--gus and i stayed there five years ago and it all came back to him when he saw this image

(this is what it looked like in 2005--we had a bit of weather)

(and, coincidentally, we also went to an animatronic dinosaur exhibit in 2005 but it was at moody was raining quite a lot)

it isn't a trip to galveston until we've eaten at gaido's!

(same thing applied in 2005, too)

aunt lindsay and sophie

(aunt ashley and gus, 2005--this is easily my favorite picture of her...)

...and this may be my new favorite picture of sophie

sophie spent many happy hours going up and down this slide; mommy spent hours rehabbing her shoulders afterwards

floaty sophie

happy girls

i love this--it's me and sophie bunny in front of the san luis, recreating one of my favorite pictures with mr. gus:

(this one--now i have a matching set!)

after galveston it was back to houston for a quick trip to the cockrell butterfly center--sophie stood still as a statue, again...

...and she almost had these two land on her...

...but she definitely got the caterpillar

after houston we trekked to brenham and the blue bell ice cream factory

a bunny and her post-tour strawberry ice cream

yes, i did rock that hat

after blue bell we found...a park! sophie is remarkably good at pointing out play structures.

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