Thursday, August 5, 2010

trip to texas picturepalooza! (part 3)

sophie's not at all clear on why she's got to endure 100 degree weather to see this...

san antonio! after gus left for camp, i decided to take a vacation-within-a-vacation and absconded with the bunny for several days to san antonio. i love san antonio--i lived there from 1986 to 1990--and it is still one of my favorite places to visit. i found the PERFECT spot for rich to move his practice to...but he's not interested, damnit. i'd love to raise the kids there, but for now i think i want to raise them with rich more. anyway, on that happy note, here is the first set of pictures from san antonio (at least one more to come...maybe two).

day one in SA=sea world! sophie's not clear on why she's here, either...

...but it all becomes crystal clear as soon as the splashing begins

shamu is so exciting!

while posing with an oversized shamu, sophie got bitten by the acquisition bug...

...and mommy acquiesced

she carried her shamu, which she actually calls "shampoo," all over sea world...

...including to a return visit to see the real shamu!

sophie even shared her popcorn with shampoo

seriously, the shamus rocked that show

yay whales!

it was a really, really good day at sea world

and the next day, more animals--we went to the san antonio zoo, which is beyond lovely

our first stop was the butterfly pavillion--sophie stood still like a statue (and wore her most butterflied shirt)...

...and kneeled still like a statue...

...but finally decided she'd go to the butterflies rather than waiting for them to find her

MOLD-A-RAMA! i love these machines--i am always happy to indulge the kiddos with a little piece o' wax from wherever we're visiting (i think we have like 20 of these around the house)

sophie loves her seal--and i love this image because it reminds me a bit of this:

(diane arbus, "untitled," 1962)

sadly, the black leopard wasn't interested in being friends with her purple seal...

...but what do we have here?...

an orange giraffe! the perfect accompanist for a purple seal

rainbow popsicle break

after the zoo we headed back into brackenridge park for a train ride through the trees and a picnic lunch, then up the hill to...

trinity! which, i must say, looks much nicer than when i went there. and sophie liked it because she found an s for sophie in the letters.

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