Monday, April 30, 2007

cliff's sunday

sophie being silly

gus' school had a fundraiser/spring fiesta at cliff's amusement park yesterday--it was a tremendous and monumental day in gus' kidhood because he rode a ROLLER COASTER for the first time! he also rode pretty much everything else there and amazingly didn't throw up once--they all look like vertigo- or nausea-inducing rides to me. gus' friend randy went with him on most of the rides, as did randy's mom, tammie. she is like ├╝bermom. anyway, enjoy the pictures!

*creepy clown warning:* if clowns scare you (stephanie) you should probably skip this post!

the fam

gus and rich on the scrambler

scrambled boy

"please don't notice i'm only 53" tall. please don't notice i'm only 53" tall."

they noticed--and gus almost didn't qualify for the kiddie bumper cars, either (max. height: 54" tall)

but he had fun, anyway

gus getting rescrambled with randy and cole

and flung around on a ferris wheel, twice

and slowly clicking up the rails on the new mexico rattler! (enlarge the image and you can see a big tuft of white blonde hair in the middle--gus!)

"mom? is that you?" post-rattler daze

gus, randy (hanging on for dear life) and tammie on a giant circular spinning thing

this one looks harmless enough--it is a giant platform that just goes around in a circle...

...but the weight of the machine...

...and the height it reached was really unsettling for everyone (no one looked well when they got off!)

in order to recover from the previous ride, gus decided to tackle the tilt-a-whirl, and of course got the one that spun more than any others

creepy clown, rich and sophie

another creepy clown--why is this at cliff's?

post-cliff's bath

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