Sunday, April 8, 2007

happy easter!

¿que es eso?

gus has always been very verbally adept, but recently he has developed a real talent for expressing precisely what he wants. for example, last night before he went to bed he told me directly, "mommy, i really, really, really want a chocolate easter bunny tomorrow. and i don't want a hollow bunny, i want a solid chocolate one. you should know that i have one every year and it is important to me." indeed. of course i had to make a mad dash to walgreen's at 9:00 at night, but i got the damn bunny. rich also expects a solid chocolate bunny, but he doesn't communicate took me a few years to figure that one out. the checker at walgreen's was hilarious--i got up there to pay for my stuff ($60!!) and he looked at me and said (in a really heavy new mexico accent), "yeah, my mom used to wait until the last minute to get our stuff, too, then instead of bunnies or chicks we'd get like action figures because wal-mart would be all sold out. she'd also buy all the guilt candy, like snickers, reese's, all the good stuff because all the cheap stuff'd be gone. kinda like you." i had legos, star wars playing cards, reese's, cadbury creme eggs...all mighty primo stuff. and of course the flippin' SOLID chocolate bunnies for rich and gus.

the actual easter bunny found our house early this afternoon--gus and i were at a friend's house this morning (where the easter bunny had already visited) so gus got to hunt eggs twice. sophie wasn't feeling well and rich had to work, so they missed out...but we had fun later on. gus hunted for cascarones, which are confetti-filled eggs, and then he completely abused his father with them. sophie found a couple of eggs as well. enjoy!

gus is already thinking enough with the pictures, and the hunt hasn't even begun

sophie found an egg!

you see this egg? i'm gonna get you, old man. don't try and hide behind the kid.

look at that explosion! (click to enlarge)

i think it hurt a little more than he expected

my basket needs grass

ewww, dirt

look mom! i got sophie's egg! and she didn't even see me!

me and sophie bunny

mmm, confetti and eggshells

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