Monday, April 16, 2007

yesterday: excellent day for music; terrible day for bunnies

how sophie often sees her brother

i saw one of my all time favorite performers last night: neko case! she is easily the most gifted singer i have ever had the good fortune to see live--it is criminal that this woman isn't more well-known. she played at the sunshine theatre here in downtown albuquerque with jon rauhouse, kelly hogan, and a host of other phenomenal alt-country musicians. along with her incredible voice she has a mane of just-curly-enough long, bright red hair that makes those of us with board straight hair twinge with jealousy. tracy went with me and we both agreed that we would be willing to give up a lot to be neko for a day...i just love her! so, yesterday was a very good day for music.

conversely, it was a very bad day for bunnies, as i killed not one but two while mowing the lawn. it was horrifying and i still feel like absolute crap because of it. ten years ago, when we lived in iowa the first time, rich ran over a warren while mowing the lawn and he was so traumatized by it that not only did he never mow the lawn again but he never even worked outside again save raking the leaves once or twice. it was very sad. poor bunnies. stupid lawnmower. i am going outside in a little bit to cut the rest of the grass over where the double bunnicide occurred with some grass shears.

these are pictures from a typical saturday at the allen house:

little does gus know...

...that he is about to get in really big trouble...


rich's competitiveness is just a wee bit strong

even when holding sophie

just can't quite let gus win...

sophie gets smart and runs away

obi wan/gus

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