Thursday, April 26, 2007

coming soon to an art-o-mat near you:

50 "untitled" works from one of the cherry blossom images. it is a 15 by 15 inch image, rectangularized and chopped up to make 50 new works of art. the resulting pieces are individually glued onto seperate pieces of wood (each the same dimension as a pack of cigarettes), wrapped in acetate, and dispensed for $5.00 each. so, someone could feasibly stand there and spend $250.00 to buy the entire image, but let's hope not. it's a concept thing more than an image/object thing.

art-o-mat is a fantastic notion: after it became illegal to sell cigarettes via vending machine, there was a plethora of unused machines piling up in north carolina. a very clever man, clark whittington, retrofitted them to dispense art rather than smokes. and, i am one of their newest artists! i love the idea of affordable art for everyone--the machines are found mainly in museums and galleries so the placement is stellar. it is a great intro to collecting art. for more info about art-o-mat click here.

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