Monday, April 23, 2007

teething troubles

three out of the four members of our family are having major dental issues right now--sophie is trying to cut three at once along the top, gus keeps losing his, and one of mine had to be replaced with a crown + root canal. it has sucked around here, tooth-wise, for everyone but rich (of course). i always thought teeth followed a set pattern that they came in or fell out, and both sophie and gus are just getting them/losing them however they feel like it: sophie got her bottom two front incisors first (and they look so cute--kinda like a reverse woodchuck), but then she cut her second front incisor (like a baby vampire). gus lost his bottom two front teeth then one of his top ones, but the next one to go was a second bottom incisor and then HIS FATHER pulled a second top incisor while i was at the grocery store!!! rich said it was mocking him. rich needs help. the other second bottom incisor fell out a couple of days later.

dental craziness.

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  1. "Rich said it was mocking him." Y'all are so funny. It makes me miss you reading this. Gus looks super-handsome.

    Love you all.