Saturday, April 26, 2008

craft-a-coping mechanism

¡el jefe de luchadores!

rich worked 18 hours yesterday. 18 hours. that is half a work week for the average person. and he's back at work today (saturday), and he's not even on call. have i mentioned how much i hate rich's job? let's hope for an alternative to come down the pipe soon. VERY soon.

in the meantime, i've been coping via embroidery--i've been a giant fan of jenny hart and sublime stitching for years, and i need her by me now. plus, as an added bonus, i'm not sure how much time you've spent with 8-year old boys but hygiene isn't exactly their gus' new fancy panties make it a bit easier to get him to at least change his underwear, even if he still refuses to bathe.

gus' fancy panties

the guitar-wielding praying mantis is my favorite

my fancy dishtowels

i love this pixie--maybe i have body image issues?

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