Monday, April 7, 2008

further proof that gus is the biggest stud ever

my boy's on first after his first at bat!

i am ridiculously proud of my son. i really am. he is just the greatest person i have ever known and i feel lucky to have him in my life. and to quote the date of one of my sister's friends at her (lindsay's) wedding, "[gus] is the shit." period. it would have been better if he hadn't said that directly to gus, though. anyway, gus is the shit and forgiveness please but a-braggin' i will go...

gus played in his first little league game ever last thursday--he never even played t-ball before--and he got a hit at every at bat. and no outs. and a ton of RBIs. thinking that maybe this was beginner's luck, rich and i held our breath until his second game on saturday...and he not only got a hit at every at bat he absolutely knocked the bejesus out of the ball! he had one hit way out into the outfield that resulted in three runs; he had no outs, again.

granted, gus is considerably larger than most of the kids playing in the rookie league (and yes i provided a birth certificate, damnit) but he also has really good hand-eye coordination (from all that hockey, perhaps?). that and the use of a pitching machine is totally making him look like the biggest stud ever. EVER! whatever it is, baseball definitely agrees with him. and he looks absolutely beautiful out on the field--he's got this viking-esque thing going on with his long blonde hair and size--he is easy to spot. and he scares the hell out of the kids on the opposing team who try to block the bases when he is running--gus outweighs them by a good 20 to 30 pounds, so it is going to hurt when he eventually collides with someone. we need to work on fielding a bit, but at least his hitting is pretty solid.

my boy gus! i'm so freakin' proud! see below for a single (gus' second ever at bat!)...

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