Thursday, April 3, 2008

march madness in texas! (part three)

lindsay's dress! click on the image to see mad detail...

part three--the conclusion! we are now at the day of the wedding itself, last saturday. sophie started the day around 6:00 a.m. even though she had essentially juuuuust fallen asleep at 11:30 (her norm is more like going to bed at 8:00 and getting up at 6:30). she was hungry, confused, and generally pissed off. she yelled all morning, which embarassed the hell out of my dad at breakfast (he hasn't learned that you can't shush an almost-two-year old quiet), but we survived. ashley, amy b and i met a couple of hours later for the bridal brunch (where was everyone?) and then we got on the bus for casa blanca on brushy creek.

lindsay did great, aside from having a wicked hangover, and only freaked out once before the ceremony. and it wasn't even a bad freak out, either--after she had her hair and makeup done she started running around going, "i'm pretty! i'm really pretty!! I'M SO FREAKIN' PRETTY!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!! HOLY SHIT I'M GORGEOUS!!!!!" but it only lasted a few minutes and then she went back to normal(ish). she did much better than i did before my wedding--i freaked out by hyperventilating, breaking out in hives and yelling at everyone to get the hell away from me. she handled things much more positively (as always).

by 6:00 we were all ready to go--pictures were taken (not by me--at least not the formal ones); at 6:30 the ceremony started. lindsay and jake did great, sophie and gus got down the aisle beautifully, katie gave a brilliant reading, and no one passed out or fell into brushy creek or anything like that. it was a very sweet and concise ceremony. there were about 300 people i think at the ceremony/reception and much much much champagne/beer/wine/alcohol was a-flowin'. the food was excellent; the bands were superb; the flowers were outstanding; the night was perfect. there were multiple people at work all day and night to ensure the smoothness of the event. truly, hollywood would be hard-pressed to replicate a wedding as intricately designed as my sister's. the level of detail to literally everything was remarkable--i don't think one could say anything was left out or overlooked or whatever. the reception went on until like 1:30 in the morning.

SO, they are married now, and are on a fabulous honeymoon in new zealand for the next couple of weeks. they left the day after the ceremony, as did we. our flight, while considerably shorter, was majorly eventful as sophie screamed from the time we got on the plane to the time we got off (as usual) and gus had a major nosebleed about halfway through. so i had one screaming and doing alligator rolls in my arms and one covered in blood--people stayed the hell away from us, including rich (who was still on vacation in his mind...). actually, one group of old ladies on their way to santa fe kept asking if i wanted my older daughter to sit with them...i finally figured out they were talking about gus and once they figured out that a) he was a boy and b) he was covered in blood, they weren't so interested anymore. oh well. it's good to be home!

the bridal brunch representatives, ashley and amy b

the bride-to-be relaxing for one last moment

don't ask--lindsay and amy e having fun

lindsay's so pretty!

pretty sophie bunny--this dress was my mother's dress, many decades ago, when she was a flower girl at a wedding (see below)

my mom, c. 1950, wearing sophie's dress

pretty gus!

pretty rich!

pretty katie!

pretty ashley!

lindsay with our parents

after the formal pictures, sophie stepped on her dress and ripped the hem out right before the mommy is madly trying to sew it back up

still sewing--i love this picture because the woman in the background, kat, is a seamstress and between she and my mother they are both like grimacing at the disservice i am doing to sophie's hem

sophie getting her hair done

me and my bunny

sophie, lindsay and i having a dance to try and relax before the service

lindsay, ashley, and amy e's back


gus the big stud, after a trying evening on the dance floor

me and my boy dancing

katie, barry and ashley

me, screaming sophie, and rich

sleepy, sleepy kiddos

lindsay and jake, in christchurch, new zealand, yesterday

(p.s. for those of you who are really into wedding pictures, all of the candid ones that i shot can be seen here.

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