Wednesday, April 30, 2008

too busy for words

we are too busy right now. between little league, end-of-the-year activities at gus' school, and just random everyday stuff we are completely stretched. and rich's job isn't helping things (i have to complain once a post--have you noticed?). he actually came home for lunch today for the first time since we moved here--he didn't really know what to do with himself since he had about 40 minutes of time in a row to call his own. he was between surgery at one place, discharging a patient at another and clinic at a third place so he just decided to come home on the way to clinic. it was nice, but awkward. and that in itself is weird.

anyway, back to busy: i have been so crazy busy that i missed my friend becky's birthday! happy belated 40th. her husband is recovering from his third kidney transplant right now so she was a little preoccupied herself. he is becoming a pro at it (not that he necessarily wanted to be one in that capacity).

and more busy: gus has a research project due on walruses in like a week. and we've done almost nothing for it! i learned my lesson at the science fair--he shall receive parental help whether he likes it or not. but not too much (i'm shooting for that second category).

further proof of busy: it took me three weeks to put away what was left of a pile of clean laundry in my room, although most of it has now been worn and is sitting in front of the washer. but i can see the floor now.

that's probably too much information.

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