Tuesday, April 1, 2008

march madness in texas! (part one)

i am a bunny.

we're back! did you miss us? did my one reader and one stalker notice i was gone? well, fret no more, as we are here. gus, sophie and i went to texas almost two weeks ago for easter and for my sister lindsay's wedding. rich joined us just before the wedding (because taking vacation days apparently causes him psychic-verging-on-physical pain...) so he missed out on much of the craziness.

so, i'll start at the beginning--easterish, about 10 days ago. the easter bunny came to the farm and left all kinds of goodies for gus and sophie!

my sisters, ashley (in the foreground) and lindsay (blowing bubbles)--a perfect representation of them both

nice doggie--this lab adopted my dad a couple of months ago and i think we are adopting him soon

gus is on the hunt...

...and aunt lindsay is stealing the reese's-esque spoils

sophie finds an egg that matches my mom's shirt

gus' stash

comparing hauls

sophie LOVES her new uncle jake...

...and she charmed him into flinging her around...

...and forced him to entertain her for forever...

...but eventually wore him out.

the women just watched

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