Tuesday, May 13, 2008

el coche de rich es demasiado para me

i think if one were to compare our cars, rich's car would appear less-than-manly next to mine. my car is, undoubtedly, mas macho. the 27" wheels have something to do with it, as does the utter lack of environmentally-friendly emissions coming from its tailpipe. those emissions, however, are largely responsible for my unwillingness to speed in the car--it just burns way too much gas to do so. conversely, rich's car is a hybrid so i feel considerably less bad driving with a lead foot (and lead-footed driving is something of a specialty of mine, as i took defensive driving eight times during my first twelve years of driving to get out of speeding tickets). as such, since i have found myself driving his car here and there for certain things--namely GETTING HIS FUCKING OIL CHANGED AND HIS SCHEDULED MAINTENANCES DONE--i seem to be having a speed problem. it wouldn't be a problem if albuquerque had not installed red light cameras all over the city that in addition to catching people running/jumping lights also catch speeders. well. very well.

the past two times i have taken rich's car in, BECAUSE HE IS TOO EFFIN' BUSY AND/OR IMPORTANT TO DO IT HIMSELF, i have received a gift from the motor vehicle division of the state of new mexico in the form of a lovely picture of me driving rich's less-than-manly (i would so say girly if i didn't think that was taking it too far) car very, very fast. and i can appreciate that that is wrong, but i have a problem with it being rich's car and the fact that there wasn't actually a cop there to pull me over. if it is so dangerous, then why not increase traffic cops? or at least put up giant flashing lights to go off when one is caught to slow us down? anyway, i've now spent $317, in addition to the FORTUNE SPENT MAINTAINING RICH'S CAR, in traffic fines. and, of course, rich is perfect and has never received a ticket in it, which by his logic means that he has never broken the law. not buying it. i must say hybrids are, among many things, spectacularly speedy.

the moneymoon (look it up) is so over for me with this car, and yet we're still paying on it...


  1. sounds like you can't handle the power. I guess you're going to blame your awesome husband and his car for running that red light, also.

    concerned citizen

  2. umm, technically it was an illegal right on red, not running a red a light. and i was driving my gas guzzler, not your girly car...