Monday, May 12, 2008

a mother's day miracle!

my mother's day weekend was freakin' spectacular this year. the fam totally outdid themselves and oh my god--it was awesome. it started on saturday morning: sophie kindly woke me up by screaming as though she were on fire at 6 a.m. (and i was actually asleep before that, damnit!). apparently she knew i was leaving and wanted to make sure we spent as much time together as possible. anyway, after much sophie time i got gus to and from an early-ish birthday party, downloaded a bunch of new songs, and took off BY MYSELF for santa fe.

i had some work to do at photo-eye and center for contemporary art, then spent the rest of the day at ten thousand waves. i loooove ten thousand waves. it is perhaps the most relaxing place in the world--the whole place smells like hinoki wood and you hear waterfalls everywhere. that and you get to wear a really cool kimono (i bought one i loved it so much). i did this and this and this, and yes it cost a fortune but i don't think i have ever been so blissed out in my life. i spent like 6 hours there.

after that i left and checked in at the st. francis hotel and slept the sleep of the chill and relaxed. actually, i hit whole foods in santa fe just before that--did you know you can drink a beer in the dining area there?

this morning, i got up LATE and went to cafe pasqual's for breakfast. it was superb--a breakfast quesadilla with applewood smoked bacon, fresh guacamole and a ton of fresh pico de gallo. my pasqual levels are so set for the year after that. i very slowly ate, read the sunday new york times, and then headed back for albuquerque. and i was so pleased to see that the family survived! rich did, however, feed them two meals of take-out pizza in my absence. oh well. i spent the day pulling weeds in the front beds (by choice--i actually enjoy doing that) and watering some struggling trees.

altogether a mighty sweet mother's day, i must say.

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