Saturday, May 24, 2008

stupid pandas

look at them--chewing their bamboo, thinking they are cool

i frickin' hate pandas. and they are all over the news since the earthquake in china. people are more worried about the three missing pandas than the 60,000 dead chinese. it is disgraceful. but i digress...

we had a break from PANDAS this school year but i know it's coming eventually. every now and then gus goes through a period of asking us weird questions over and over, and it makes us worry. damnit. i hate pandas.

like the earthquake didn't freak them out enough--now they're being moved to beijing (like i care)

and this can't be good for their psyche (stupid bears)

this would certainly make me anxious (damn pandas)

and this stupid panda got a hummingbird up his nose or something (idiot)

stupid pandas (they are evil incarnate)

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