Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sophie's grand 2nd fiesta!

sophie's party was wonderful--it was a beautiful day, the food turned out great, the margaritas were delicious and not so potent as to render us all incoherent, and all the kids ran around and had fun. i think she knew all the festivities were for her. we had a bubble machine going the whole time (in case you were wondering about the random floating bubbles in the picture) that sophie was crazy about. i ended up being so busy in the kitchen that i barely got a chance to take any pictures, and the ones i did shoot aren't very good so i'm just going with this one of the four of us.

sophie got so many girly presents! she now has a fairy princess mushroom house (complete with three fairy princesses, but three can be a hard number with girls, you know?), a new purse, a magnetic wooden nina ballerina whose outfits you can change, a camper with two girly girls in it, a crochet tea set that she can actually play with, and a couple of wonderful new stuffed animals (tiggy tiger and a giraffe). she is ecstatic. so many new things to play with!

sophie also got a new bubble machine...

...which makes her mighty happy

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