Sunday, October 19, 2008

go, go rich!

yesterday afternoon i came home from plant shopping to a bit of a surprise: rich announced he was going to run the half marathon portion of the duke city marathon. i'm thinking, "great--knock yourself out. is there anything i can do to help?" and rich said, "yes, you can drive me to the convention center before 6:00 p.m. so i can register, then make a big pasta dinner tonight and drive me downtown to the starting line tomorrow."

the marathon was to happen about 15 hours from when he made his announcement.

SO, this morning, sophie and i got up early and drove him downtown and off he went--and two hours and seventeen minutes later, he was across the finish line!

here he comes (in the white shirt)

there he goes

13 miles and he's still smiling!

sophie and gus missed him; gus wanted to run with him

and he's already thinking about next year...


  1. Official time was 2 hours 10 minutes and 41 seconds.

  2. forgiveness, please, for portraying you as one who ran six minutes and nineteen seconds longer than you actually was still quite bizarre that you chose to run a half marathon fucking 15 hours before it started, you weirdo.