Tuesday, October 21, 2008

oh hell.

teacher-speak for "your son is a talkative bastard who won't shut the fuck up when i want him to."

this woman is making me crazy. this is from the same teacher that made gus stare at a blank wall for 45 minutes. rich and i talked to her and, granted she hasn't done the staring-at-a-blank-wall thing again, she has berated him every single class for being "self-centered," "rude," "selfish," etc. if you know gus you know that he is none of those things and in fact worries quite a lot about everyone else. today she made him explain all the ways he was (not acted, was) "self-centered" during class. bitch. anyway, gus has her three times a week and will have her at least that much for the next three years...i think we're done. and we're demanding a refund for her classes.


  1. get him out, get him out! my brother had a teacher like that in kindergarten or 1st grade...it was the hallway every day instead of a blank wall. my folks waited longer than either of them would now, mostly because they didn't know it was happening, and it took grant until jr. high or so to get back on track academically....he just came to hate it all, when he'd been this great learner before...so go momma and be empowered to intervene. i had to do a similar number for paul in kindergarten. i don't know how these people get to work as teachers...esp with boys. i know people look at me funny when they ask me about paul's teacher now and i say she's wonderful because paul cracks her up, she genuinely finds him funny. and i find that more essential than anything else for his learning. go find a scantron test that will assess that....

  2. done and done--as of now, i pick him up early whenever he has her class...i just can't figure out how to handle the middle of the day ones.

    thanks for your support, dawn!