Tuesday, October 7, 2008

state fair, new mexico style

a section of the world-record holding ristra

gus and i went to the new mexico state fair a couple of weeks ago--it was a much lower-key affair than iowa's (does any state fair compare to the iowa state fair?) but we had fun. we got to participate in the creation of the world's longest ristra (and then later read that when the ristra was taken to the guinness committee in london they had absolutely no idea what it was!), we saw tons of fat bunnies, and a really pissed-off bobcat in the "native species" exhibit. we ran into some friends and played games until we ran out of money...good times.

really, really angry bobcat (who looks more like a chupacabra than paco does)

indeed. he does. and the other one, too.

gus and bunnies

(but this is the one he wanted to take home)

gus spent like half an hour trying to rope this steel calf perfectly...he is seriously persistent

beef on the hoof

gus with his ristra contribution

our carnivorous friend, john (and he devoured that turkey leg)

this is NOT what you want your peaceful, loving, laid-back, quaker child to look like (he has crazy eyes! the gun made him crazy!)

...or this, for sure (and it is hard to look at now)

...but gus was good at it and he had fun--look at all the trinkets he won for himself and his sister (he gave sophie the purple bear); it almost makes up for the gun thing

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