Monday, October 27, 2008

it was a big weekend

el (la?) kookooee and dancers

this weekend was crazy busy. it started on friday night, when i thought i had a party to go to...but it was actually on saturday night so i got ready for it twice. the only problem with that was that the obama rally was saturday night and as sophie didn't see fit to nap, i had to stay home with her and miss it...but at least i got some drinks on gus' school (and they owe me that much). saturday during the day was goblins in the garden--sophie's school halloween party--and that was just too cute for words. but sunday was the highlight of the fall, one of the reasons i love living in albuquerque...el kookooee! she burned brightly.

and now, pictures!

at first sophie was going to be a butterfly...

...and she flew around the house...

...and was a big purple blur...

...then she tried another butterfly outfit...

...but settled on elmo for the big day itself!

sophie spies spiders

and got painted for handprint spiders

and played a challenging game of froggie bean bag toss

later that night, gus and rich got to go to the obama rally...(i missed it, and i didn't shoot these)

...with 45,000 other albuquerqueans!

but the next night, gus and i got to see el kookooee and south valley dancers

she had a bowl of fears labeled countrywide, citi card, paulson, george 1 and 2, and so on

gus putting his fears in the bag to burn

she's starting to smoke...

and burn...

and burn more...

burn, el kookooee, burn!

all those bad thoughts and fears going up into nothingness

the tail end of kookooee

gus enjoying the spectacle with a wonderful picker in the background

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