Wednesday, October 22, 2008

why hispanics think white women are crazy

late last night, at the giant, i am buying beer. a 50+ bleached blonde anglo woman and her daughter are in front of me in line, also buying beer, and are full-on yelling at the pregnant 20-year old clerk. "you should treat your goddamned customers like customers, not like goddamned pains in the ass!" the pregnant 20-year old just gives her a blank, dispassionate, i-would-so-kick-your-ass-if-i-weren't-pregnant-and-needed-this-job look as only a pregnant 20-year old can do in reply. pissed-off 50+ bleached blonde anglo woman and daughter leave noisily with their beer. i go up to check out and say, "well, if she wasn't acting like a pain in the ass maybe she wouldn't get treated like one?" pregnant clerk replies, "(heavy sigh) for reals, huh?"

for reals, indeed, mamacita.

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