Wednesday, August 27, 2008

this is getting old...and so are you.

"vecchia, come Lei?" an exact quote from an italian baker in venice when i refused a particular slice of pizza because i told him it looked a bit old...

again, it is the middle of the night, and, again, i am awake. my years upon years of familiarity with insomnia and the oppressive solitude it creates are starting to get to me. my former zen-like mantra of "be like a leaf on the river of life" is quickly giving way to the demotivational "perhaps your life exists as a warning to others." (i LOVE are evil geniuses and i highly recommend viewing their work.) in any event, i'm awake and i don't want to be. i should probably find a psychiatrist.


sophie, enraptured in her playhouse

paco is perplexed trying to figure out how sophie is going to get out of this prison

these are my fish

you can hold them really far away from you if they are stinky

these two match


gus recently started taking cello lessons

gus' first day of school!

gus after his first day of school!

my boy working hard for that extra ipod money

gus (with crazy eyes) and cole at the isotopes game