Monday, August 25, 2008

summer's over for gus...

...but i think he's okay with it. after the adventures of camp-o-rama, and after having to spend way too much time with a typical two-year old, he was pretty ready to get back to his own normal routine. he started school last week without his best buddy george, and that was hard. he and george had been attached at the hip for two years but now they each have to go it alone. i don't think george has started school yet in england--i'm not sure he's even registered anywhere! we do miss him.

gus started school with a new backpack (tarantula-themed), a new lunchbox (also tarantula-themed), and a new teacher. i think she drove nascar at one point in her life--very nice. gus likes her very much so i have great hopes for the year. he has even managed to do homework without complaining too too much. paco, however, is devastated by the loss of gus. he keeps following me around (like a puppy), chewing up gus' shoes, and stealing gus mementos to chew up later. paco is all dog.

gus' big accomplishment recently was saving/earning enough money for an ipod shuffle! he is absolutely enamored and enraptured by this bite-sized little piece of auditory heaven. it is red, and part of the (product)red campaign, so he is doubly-thrilled about his purchase. he was about $10 dollars shy of paying for the whole thing himself so i had him pull weeds and pick up fallen apples in the backyard. he was a sweaty mess of a boy, but an hour later he had enough for his ipod. and now we can't talk to him because he is wearing it all the time and can't hear us. i'm sure there are some advantages to this that i'm failing to see...

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