Wednesday, August 13, 2008

corona light

this is corona light.

gus and i spent a wonderful weekend with übermom tammie and her son randy at their (technically, tammie's fiance's) ranch in corona, new mexico. and, oh my god, it was glorious. corona is lovely, tiny, in the middle-ish of nowhere, and honestly i feel bad about disclosing its location for fear that people will discover it. we loved it.

the beautiful thing about driving off the main roads in new mexico is that you are so unlikely to meet another motorist that you can take pictures while you are driving

gus and randy on the front porch of the ranch practicing their roping skills on a steel calf

tammie in her element

gus--and he now so wants a jeep (and a ranch) when he grows up

gus meeting one of the friendliest horses in the world--i can't remember her name, but she had to be acknowledged first or else she'd get jealous

randy and super-friendly horse--another horse (lateral excursion) had just bitten a chunk out of the jeep just before i shot this

rattler! we left it alone.

gus and randy throwing rocks off the top of the mesa

this is angelo, tammie's angel in the guise of a great pyrenees, and he runs the ranch

sketcher forced me to drive a couple of extra hours to procure an inhaler because i very stupidly forgot mine...

angelo after a long night of guarding the ranch

martin houses line the eaves of the main house

ancient gas tanks--how much more charming can this place get?

angelo accompanied me on my morning trek to photograph the bajillions of little flowers that not only survive but thrive in corona (these are globemallow, and they are everywhere right now)

in case you needed a reminder about how easy your life is--these are metates, found on the property, and they were used for grinding grains/corn. and you'd have to do this every day for your family. i would guess they date from the 15th or 16th century--there were considerably more people living in this part of new mexico then than there are now.

and then we travelled to salinas national monument (pictures to come)...

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