Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sophie's absolutely, positively, biggest school day EVER!

and why was that? because it was her absolutely, positively FIRST day of school EVER! she started in the 2-year old class at the little school gus used to go to when he was two and three. gus adapted a little better when it was his time to start school...but he had had more experience with babysitters (sophie has almost exclusively been with me all of her life--the one weekend i left her with rich to go see my mom i came back to a beshingled sophie).

sophie was fine while gus and i were there; once she realized we were leaving she went into full-out panic mode. i really think she will eventually get better--at least that is what her teacher is telling me. while sophie wasn't exactly happy, she was at least checking things out and kind of looking at the other kids there. that is, at the very least, a start.

sophie ready to tackle school! (sorry it's a little dark)

they even have tricycles there!

gus talks things over with miss sarah, who remembers him fondly

dig, sophie, dig!

stretch, sophie, stretch!

sophie showing gus how she plays with trains...

...and how she sorts her blocks...

...and then she drew a picture with miss barb

"they give you cookies here! i LOVE school!"

sophie's cubby (this just struck me as so precious, in a good way)

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  1. I have fond memories of pushing baby gus on the swings! (is that the same place..?) love you, L