Tuesday, September 2, 2008

back-to-school night for gus

tonight was back-to-school night at gus' school--i really think this is going to be a good year. we were, however, forced to listen to the headmaster cry poverty for 30 minutes in a blatant attempt to extort money out of us by wearing us down. i think the vast majority of people would have thrown many a dead president at him then and there just to make him be quiet (which, of course, is what he is counting on). anyway, gus' classroom is adorable, his teacher is enthusiastic, and gus has only had a handful of talking-too-much issues so far. he has lots of books to get through this year and there is a class turtle named sammy. too cute.

and one of the things we (me, sophie and gus) are going to try and do this year is ride to school! i got a bitchin' new girly bike, which i love, and a kiddie seat for sophie on the back. it is a bianchi milano parco; it has been the bike of my dreams for years but various pregnancies and moves to iowa prevented my obtaining one. the celeste green is one of the greatest colors in nature. it is also the color of our guest room. you are forewarned.
(mine is the step-through kind, so i can, and do, bike in a skirt)


  1. I want one too.. I miss yall sooooo much!!

  2. you too can have one--try blue line bikes at:

    3302 White Oak • Houston, TX. 77007 • 713.802.1707

    i'll even throw in the matching OPI nail polish!