Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"you're making me NOT want to support the lion's club!"

oy vey. where to begin. i started a discussion on duke city fix, an albuquerque blog, about a new drive-thru coffee shop that is to take the place of what would have been a brand-spankin' new, lion's club sponsored eye clinic here in town. and let's just say it hasn't been fact i'm pretty much regretting bringing it up in the first place.

people are actually telling me they won't support the lion's club because i was bitching about the coffee place! what? deluded. they should be thankful to be of good health and not need such services, i guess, because lord knows their logic isn't working right. anyway, if you are interested, you can take a gander at the very opinionated and ire-filled rants about this here.

i clearly underestimated both the open-mindedness of the duke city fix community and the passion they have for their satellite coffee...hope not to make that mistake again. many, many points of view on the duke city fix (but none of them agree with me, damnit!).

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