Monday, September 15, 2008

recovering from ike

the casey's (gaido's) shrimp

as i sit here high and dry (literally) in the desert, the rest of my family is cleaning up after ike. my sister and her husband rode out the storm at their house in southwest houston in grand style, drinking heavily and watching their fence fall down. you can't really sleep through a hurricane--it's just way too noisy--particularly if you own the house that is blowing down around you. they lost some branches but no trees and their roof seems to be in place. they still don't have power. my mom's brick fortress held up beautifully--they lost some branches and power, but it was back on in less than 24 hours. i am convinced they fixed her part of the city first because george and barbara bush live like a block away...

i haven't talked to any of my galveston relatives yet and i so hope they left the island. i know gaido's lost their roof off the motel; no word on if the crab and/or the shrimp survived. the austin american-statesman published an honest review of staying along the gulf coast on the cheap just two weeks ago, which of course highlights gaido's motel...although this may not be the best time to visit. there are several forums online (click here, or here, or here for more info) with people asking about gaido's--i think that is wonderful and terrifically kind. it is an island institution. i wish i had some news myself.

if you'd like to help, please send a donation to the american red cross.


  1. They say we'll get power back after Thursday. We love camping.. but this is ridiculous! We're sleeping at mom and dad's. oxxo, L

  2. Thanks for linking to my Monday Mug Shot in your blog.

    I'm sending a prayer for your family, that rebuilding goes smoothly and for everyone out there that the areas effected by Ike recover swiftly. Even a giant shrimp and a giant crab can be rebuilt and pit back up, people are always number one!

    But if/when you do hear abut that beloved shrimp, stop by The Chronicles and share info.

  3. actually, i do believe the giant shrimp and giant crab are in storage down the street--they were taken down for rita and i looked at a satellite image today and didn't see them.

    at least i hope that's where they are! i'll post more when i hear more--so far, thankfully, it looks like only the roof was damaged.

    thanks for your well wishes!