Tuesday, September 16, 2008

more post-ike gaido's news

paulie kicks much ass: free shrimp boil for EVERYONE on the island on thursday. read about it here. beautiful.

and more good news: this photo was shot yesterday i believe and it shows seawall blvd. right at gaido's--if you look to the southwest one block of that large semicircle, you can see the restaurants and the motel. the roof is pretty damaged towards the back, but everything else looks intact. i'm betting they put the crab and the shrimp into storage, as they did for rita.

and this was just posted, like an hour ago, at the galveston daily news website:

The island’s famous Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant, 3800 Seawall Blvd., sustained only minor damage. Crews already were cleaning up. Gaido’s Seaside Inn had heavier storm damage. Gaido’s restaurant has been on the island nearly a century, and the family that owns it was determined to get back to business.

Gaido’s is having a shrimp boil for first responders at noon Thursday at the restaurant.

“We have started cleaning up,” Michael Gaido said. “Galveston will overcome the devastation. Galveston is resilient and will rebuild.”

something that doesn't kick so much ass: the tiger, freed by ike, is still roaming free on crystal beach. there is also mention of some cattle loose as well, but i am guessing they won't last too long...

(if you are interested, there was a good article in the texas observer recently about people who own large cats in texas, and yes it is legal to do so there. one of my favorite trips with gus was a road trip through northwestern arkansas to stay at turpentine creek wildlife refuge, a home for rescued tigers, ligers and lions. i highly recommend them.)

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