Tuesday, September 9, 2008

what kinda wheelz you got?

now that i have a prius, i am allowing myself to be full-on judgmental regarding what everyone else drives. there, i've said it, and now you don't have to. actually, i was judgmental about this before but felt hypocritical since i was driving a 4runner.

anyway, driving gus to school is an event in and of itself, but it seems like many of the parents have gotten totally polarized regarding their transportation over this past summer. they/we all largely fall into one of two categories: prius/hybrid/econobox drivers and giant, oversized, i'm-invading-poland-after-dropoff drivers. there's a third class of mega-expensive european sedan drivers, but they're oddly less offensive somehow. there are also no corvettes, not many pickup trucks, and lots of minivans that defy categorization.

so, the first category (of which i am a proud member) includes:
the prius, obviously, and...

...the honda element and...

...the mini cooper, and...

...the toyota highlander hybrid

and there are a good deal of older hondas and toyotas being driven to death by their original owners who fall into this category as well. we're making a statement about something ("we're earthy! we're thrifty/cheap! we're concerned about the environment! we want to have a leg to stand on when we're judgmental!"), but what it is is a little less clear than the drivers of:

this mercedes g500 (i'm pretty sure it's bulletproof)

or the obligate hummer h1 driver--and there are several hummers in the parking lot

(although this is my favorite hummer image--no one died in this accident)

and, the coup de grace, this monstrosity of a mercedes--ironically titled a "sprinter"--picks up and drops off two tiny children every day. two children. just two. not like a whole soccer team, merely two little children. every day.

there are an abundance of toyota/lexus/ford/gm/cadillac giant SUVs that also fall into this category--i guarantee you've never seen such a variety outside a dealership before. behemoths, one and all. my 4runner barely fit into this category when compared to them (but, alas, did).

so there you have it. my judgment of the day. what are you driving?


  1. I have to believe that the Sprinter was won on a game show. No one in their right mind would buy a 15 person passenger van as an everyday family car.

  2. where are those bumper stickers you used to stick on SUVs??? Let's make some more!! ABQ-HOU
    xoxo, L

  3. i'm trying to remember what they said--was it "i hate the environment?" or something like that? i should totally do that again, and would start with the parking lot at gus' school if i didn't think they're all big brother'ed and camera'ed. come back and we'll go a-bumper-stickerin'!

  4. ok missy, i LOVE the image of you adding stickers to SUVs...thinking we had more than a few candidates in phoenix. i especially loved driving around key west, barely able to pass through the narrow streets b/c of the hummers. certainly protecting key west...
    tonight gas went to over $5 for regular in lansing, michigan. guess maybe the big 3 should've gotten on that whole fuel efficiency and alternatives a little earlier? ugh.