Tuesday, September 23, 2008

but it's only mid-september!

poor gus. he came home on friday just completely irate, telling me he hated miss allison (who?), and was just generally pissed off. he said that in chorus he made a silly face at a friend standing on the opposite side of the risers from him, they both laughed, and miss allison--the choir teacher's assistant--grabbed both of them and made them sit for 45 minutes facing a white wall. 45 minutes! i was pretty pissed myself after hearing that, so after much discussion over the weekend rich and i went in on monday to talk to the choir teacher about it. it was very obvious that not only was this a common practice in her class but she saw nothing at all wrong with it...and basically rich and i figured out that we were not all on the same page so far as discipline was concerned. long story short, she wasn't sorry and we're giving it one more try before we take him out and i teach him art history (at home) in place of chorus.

and all i keep thinking is that it is only mid-september and i am already at school talking to a teacher...any thoughts on this?

p.s. lindsay and jake still do not have power! aren't you glad you aren't in houston right now?

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