Saturday, September 20, 2008

rally forth, galveston!

mary kay setting up tables for the first responder's lunch (AP photo)

there was a very nice article written by the AP on the galveston clean up/reconstruction effort; they also talk about the free lunch on thursday at gaido's.

mmm, shrimp lunch...(AP photo)

this is the before and after of crystal beach on bolivar peninsula (i think it is more accurate to call it bolivar island now)

volunteers trying to get the cows off the island

my sister and her husband still don't have power and were told yesterday that it would be at least a week until they do, so for now they are in my mom's townhouse (which, as i mentioned, is near george and barbara bush's house and thus had power in fairly short order following the storm). my other sister is trying to hit up the state for some extremely expensive hotel stays (she doesn't have power, either).

have you made your red cross donation yet? any little bit helps!

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