Thursday, September 4, 2008

stuff you can blow up in your microwave!

we did our own version of "burning man"

i bought my first microwave, like ever, about a year ago; shortly thereafter, we found out it was possessed. it would turn on by itself, it wouldn't actually cook when you told it to, and it just refused to count down the time when it was supposed to. of course, since i am cheap and had paid for it and all that, i tried to make it work and kept trying to use it, but prudence eventually got the better of me and i scrapped it. but before we sent it to toxify some landfill in southern new mexico, we blew a bunch of crap up in it. and i think you could probably do all of this safely in a microwave that wasn't even headed for its final resting place as well (except the egg). in any event, we all got in touch with our inner 10-year-old pyro and destroyed some stuff.

enjoy, if you can--i am trying to load the videos full-size but blogger won't let me, damnit! i hope they aren't too blurry.

okay, i fully admit that i had NO idea what was going to happen when i started putting all this stuff in the microwave, so i am overreacting just a tad...note the cool celeste green nails, though! these are halved grapes--they make an electrical arc between the pieces that is beautiful

this is hilarious--it is the first floodlight that i put in the microwave, and it scared the hell out of me

ring of fire, baby! (it is a big circle of aluminum foil)

this is very cool, but goes very quick--it is a DVD in the microwave (i think it is one of the baby einstein series; i did those and wes anderson's "the darjeeling limited," which was quite possibly the worst movie i have ever seen...but it made a great microwave experiment)

the final act--an egg in the microwave (which you should totally not try at home--see this if you don't believe me!)

this was the final result, just shy of the moment we dumped it in the trash (and that tennis ball never did blow up)



  2. haha!!
    that is so funny
    i love the flood light tinfoil, cd,...just loved it all
    haha and the egg exploding!!!! priceless