Thursday, September 11, 2008

still on that wheelz theme...

...lindsay's comment reminded me i wanted to write about the bumper stickers littering the cars at gus and sophie's school...of course all of these posts should be read while listening to "sex on wheelz" by my life with the thrill kill cult ('tis on itunes).

the oldies but (usually) goodies:
"somewhere in texas a village is missing its idiot" (with a pic of g bush)--i always wanted to put that on my car, but i thought people would mistake the idiot being referenced for me.

"keep the rio grande"

"renewable energy is homeland security" (on all the prius, element, hybrid-esees)

"woof" and "dog is my co-pilot"

every variety of pro-mccain

every variety of pro-obama

many, many of those family outline stickers--and they're all on the giant, american-made SUVs. why?

rather new and rather funny:
"the rapture is not an exit strategy"

"militant agnostic: i don't know and you don't either"

"live every day as if your ass was on fire"

and then there's my bumper sticker, that rich stuck a "mary kay empowers women" sticker over:
(the irony being that i don't wear make-up)

i think lindsay and jake are sporting a legolas air freshener with a "kinky for prez 2012" license plate holder. and possibly some grateful dead teddy bears stuck on the back of the volvo. damn stinky hippies. what do you have?

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  1. I had a nader for prez 2000, which came off for the 2004 election. Then I had a Spacetruck sticker.. but the band broke up. Then I had a skydive sticker.. that only lasted until the skydive rush wore off. I've always represented UT. now I have a license plate cover that says "My other car is a love tractor." You would only get that if you were versed in Widespread Panic. If you find a Dead Bear, I'll be happy to apply it! I always liked "save a tree and plant a bush back in texas." But I don't really want him to come here either!
    xox, L