Friday, January 31, 2014

#1: friends i have known and loved

#1 to-be-missed: my friends. of course. i'm guessing you saw this one coming a mile away...

i cannot even believe my good fortune to have come across this amazing group of friends i've/we've amassed in such a short period of time. it has been an amazing, heartwarming, glorious experience to find you all, and i cannot express in words how much your absence will affect me. we're all on this weird, strange journey of living far away from our homelands (and some who have recently returned to theirs, only to find their hearts are elsewhere), and we've managed to somehow find each other.

there are two schools of thought regarding whether or not you should tell your friends that you love them: first, that you shouldn't do it because it might make the receiver uncomfortable; second, that life is short so you should say what you feel while you have the chance...i'm firmly in the second school of thought. thus, if you're a first-schooler, and i've met you in the last six months, you might want to stop reading now...because i do love you. i really do. i hope there is a point in time when i am able to be together with you again, but barring that i hope you at least keep in touch with me! you will always have a place in my heart and, more practically, in my home should you ever care to visit.

i love you all so've made me so happy over these past six months! and, you are my #1 thing to be missed--in fact, i miss you already.

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