Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#6: rosendals trädgård

the family in late summer at rosendals trädgård

djurgården, the former hunting grounds of kings and royals, is now home to my #6 to-be-missed site in stockholm, rosendals trädgården. whilst the men were off shooting bears or elk/moose (same thing here) or pesky european hares, the women could stroll around the gardens, first dug sometime around 300+ years ago. the site was expanded and greatly enhanced in the mid-19th century; the swedish royal horticultural society flourished here along with its carefully-tended plants, which were GIVEN to fellow swedes of lesser means. proper.

today it is home to an organic vegetable garden and rows, rows, rows of native plants, as well as an orchard of relatively old apple trees and a delicious café. there are cooking classes...in swedish...that are probably wonderful (i have to believe i would have loved them if i could have understood them). i actually tried to get a job here when i first came to sweden, but i'm glad that didn't work out as i truly just love walking around the grounds and enjoying to space. unfortunately, they're closed the whole month of january so my christmas gift shopping there will have to be my last memory of going!

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