Wednesday, January 1, 2014

christmas in paris

we were incredibly lucky this year: we were in paris for christmas! it was beautiful, lit by little lights everywhere, and decorated top to bottom with christmas festiveness. we spent nine remarkable days in paris in which we ate, drank (mostly just rich and i), walked, looked, shopped a bit, stayed in a really nice hotel, and learned so very much. one thing i definitely learned is that to be in paris for christmas is about as massive of a gift as one could ever receive...but this trip also had another dimension: we celebrated our 20th anniversary whilst there!

i shot almost 1500 photos over the course of nine days, and i'm trying to organize a few to share here. this first set is just as the title suggests, christmas in paris. enjoy!

notre dame and christmas tree

this is the view down the street near our hotel, rue soufflot, which runs from luxembourg gardens to the pantheon...and frames the eiffel tower beautifully when standing in the middle of the street

(we had breakfast the next morning at the cafe on the left of the above picture)

this is the staircase at our marvellous hotel, hotel du pantheon...

...and this is the incredible sight from our front window...

...same sight, christmas day (we had sun!)

yes, this is hair being used as a christmas decoration

and...for the grande finale...the eiffel tower in glitter-ball mode!

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