Saturday, January 25, 2014

#3: fika

my #3 to-be-missed is the swedish tradition of fika, which is kind of like a coffee break but with a soul. it is to be enjoyed, shared with friends, and not rushed. fika can happen at any time, but it usually occurs around mid-morning or mid-afternoon. it usually consists of strong coffee (or, god forbid, nescafe ***shudder***) and some form of sweet bread/pastries like a kanelbulle, or if you're really lucky, a cake. hot tea is an acceptable substitute for coffee. sometimes people add a little sandwich or juice, but traditionally it seems like the coffee + kanelbulle is the way to go. i've heard on fridays a lättöl (low-alcohol beer) can be included, but that hasn't been my experience as i'm usually going the other direction, energy-wise.

fortunately, fika is something i plan to take with me to the states, so while i'll miss it in stockholm i won't be without it completely!

i went through my photos and found that i do not have a single picture of me and my friends at fika, so i need to rectify this as soon as possible before leaving!!! message me and let's plan something here or in the states--i'm a week away from returning now. yikes.

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