Sunday, January 19, 2014

#7: no car, no problem!

to live in stockholm city center is to walk, ride, or bike everywhere, but most likely not to drive a car anywhere.  public transportation here ranks among the safest, most efficient, and most reliable in the world, making it incredibly easy to get wherever you want to go without need of a personal vehicle.  once you figure out how and where to purchase an SL card (a rite of traveller's passage if ever there was one), you are free to use any form of public transport: buses, the subway, pendletags, trams, ferries, and my personal favorite, the saltsjobanen.  taxis are also plentiful but they are crazy expensive--one night i was exhausted after working at the kids' school all day and opted for a taxi home...which set me back $35.  yowza.

my #7 thing to be missed about stockholm is definitely its amazing public transportation!

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