Saturday, November 22, 2008

further proof that pandas are evil

i see you sucka


given, the student was clearly a dumbass. yeah they look cute and cuddly but did you not notice those claws? and the fact that they weigh a quarter ton? scaling a fence to hug a panda is a wicked bad idea, which is why recreational drug usage and zoo visitation do not mix...

so why the panda-bashing this morning? well...gus has a touch of the PANDAS, again. it has been almost two years since the last big flare up, but it is back. he is in treatment; it seems to be working. but until all those antibodies die off (and that can take 4 to 6 weeks), we have a bit of a different gus at the moment. it isn't nearly as bad as last time--we caught it much earlier--but it is there. he's not contagious, so if you see him don't worry about that, he's just a little preoccupied with processes and routine. please cut him (and us) some slack...he's getting better every day.

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