Monday, November 17, 2008

yummyfun kooking!

aaaah! scary food!

my friend clare, who is one of the most creative people i have ever met in my life, has started producing (and writing and directing and acting...) a series in L.A. called "yummyfun kooking." she has long been a fan of being kooky creative in the kitchen and now her alter ego, yummyclare, is the star of a fantastic show promoting just that. first of all, the dvds are wonderful--i highly recommend them for any silly kid on your gift list (click here for info). she has also written two cookbooks you should take a look at. second of all, the recipes are wonderful--this was dinner last night:

i see you...

sophie got the cyclops

gus devouring his dinner; sophie looks suspicious...

gus spent all day yesterday, first with his friend randy then again on his own, watching the entire series back-to-back. he adores yummyclare. i think he might actually be her biggest fan. and last night, while making eyeball spaghetti, he asked if he could go visit clare and i was like no, honey, she lives in los angeles but if we ever go there we'll see her and say hi. then he said, and this is what actually came out of his mouth, "if you two were lesbians and you were both my mom, that'd be awesome."


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  1. i am falling on the ground right now. thump!!!!!!!! AND booking a flight to NM to shake the hand of your amazing son. the cyclops is genius. xoxoxoxox