Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i pull up in my driveway...

...and a giant ringnecked pheasant runs in front of my car! i have never seen a pheasant so close to my house--they usually stick to the fields around here. and i don't have my camera anymore, damnit! i tried to take a picture of it with my phone, but i ended up scaring it off. it was cool while it lasted.

filing a proper insurance claim takes a remarkably long time. basically i've spent the last several days just trying to organize my paperwork. i'm still trying not to get too freaked out, because in the end it is just stuff, but i've gotta say i'd rather not go through this again. my claim, with supporting documents, is 28 pages long. and i managed to figure out 36 items specifically that were taken and actually found receipts or photos of almost all of them. yay me...i think.

since one of the things he/she/they took was my digital camera, i have no new pictures to post. instead, i'm posting images i should have posted months ago. i really miss my camera...hopefully i'll have a new one tomorrow. enjoy!

rich, sophie and gus off to go apple picking

this is dixon's apple orchard in new mexico--very different from iowa apple orchards (i'm still wondering who looked at this arid, rocky valley and decided it would be a great place to grow apples)

rich and sophie--not sure where gus is

sophie looks so much like rich in this picture

this stream waters the entire orchard...and it is less than mighty

sophie playing in the stream

sophie playing in the stream

gus trying to convince sophie she can't cross the stream

sophie and her daddy

sophie burnin' rubber in the playroom

gus and paco taking a nap

random thing in the backyard: toad

random thing in the backyard: paco

paco is adjusting beautifully to living here

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