Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween parade pictures!

blehhh to you, dr. vader!

yesterday, following a scrumptious birthday breakfast with cindy, gus' school had their annual halloween parade, and it was darling as always. gus was like the best big brother in the world to sophie--he let her march with him in the parade! he rocks. he said his favorite parade is still the one he did in kindergarten, when we lived in iowa, and the whole school marched around the block right in front of our house. i did the cannibalistic pumpkin that year and lit it with road flares--gus was mighty proud of a pumpkin one could see from a mile away.

last night, after school was out, we were invited to a super-spooky halloween party at john and julia's house--she did such a good job decorating the house that sophie could barely function from fright. dave and christie brought their tractor and gave all the kids a trick-or-treating hayride from house to house, and it was mighty fun. i had great conversation with julia's parents and sister, which always makes me happy. they are a phenomenal family who have been so kind to me. i have wonderful friends.

i hope your halloween was happy--send me pictures!

vader, dr. darth vader

fairy princess sophie

dr. spelling (or was it dr. grammar?), a.k.a. gus' awesome teacher

dr. vader tickling the fairy princess

sweet taylor (gus' little buddy) looks so pretty

aaron (alien), gus and randy (death) being 8

dr. vader!

debbie and the kids, just before the march

and there they go!

gus and the fairy princess, after the parade

sophie go round in a circle...gonna fly high like a bird up in the sky...

dr. darth vader unmasked (almost)

cole and gus

cole's brother, rory, who went as malcolm mcdowell's character from "a clockwork orange" (no, he didn't get expelled)

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