Friday, November 14, 2008

paige is the best

my friend paige is the best. she truly is. today she took me away from the challenges of the triangle for several hours by treating me to a morning at betty's blissful bath and day spa. i am soooo relaxed now. it was wonderfully escapist and peaceful. my poor massage therapist was frustrated by the tension in my back, but she got through some of it. it hurt quite a bit...but then we saunaed and hot tubbed and went to a fantastic lunch with our friend, gail, at the grove. oh my god it was lovely. but then it was back to reality: i was a little late picking up sophie (but she didn't notice--sadly, her teachers did and i felt bad about that); i had to pick up gus early from school with a sore throat, which of course equalled a strep test. we'll find out the results tomorrow.

but for a few hours i got to forget about all this stress and just enjoy being. it was fantabulous.

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