Wednesday, November 5, 2008

recent events

okay, i'll admit it: it has been a crap year in the triangle. first, the lawsuit with delta (we won; at least i'm saying we won because they settled). then, the root canal/crown hell. mom moved and freaked out; gus and i got a month-long stomach virus. sophie got shingles. (***bright spot: lindsay and jake's wedding!***) rich's job took up the spring and the summer, as did a multitude of conversations with attorneys trying to help us keep our house, our sanity, our marriage. fast-forward a bit and i think it is fair to say that right now gus' road is a bit rocky, and that poor boy hates nuts (especially in his ice cream). then, the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, but hopefully not the straw that broke the camel's back: i came home yesterday to find my front door had been kicked in.

that's right, we were mightily burgled. or perhaps i should say i was mightily burgled--with the exception of some power tools (and one of those only i used) almost all that was taken was mine. most of my jewelry is now gone (all but four pieces of jewelry that rich ever gave me was stolen), a portable DVD player with a disc inside (but they forgot the power cord...dumbasses), many of gammy's things (why?), my digital camera, and to top it off they stole my marimekko pillowcase and stuffed everything in there. they fucked up my bedroom set! could they have picked a more conspicuous pillow case if they tried? rich's pillowcase is white, for pete's sake--he won't even sleep on those sissy blue flowers! assholes. i loved those sheets.

so, yesterday, i spent the day driving from gold and silver exchange to gold and silver exchange, then from pawn shop to pawn shop, handing out my list of stolen booty. it was depressing. i don't know how much time you have spent in pawn shops, but they range from a low-end jewelry store to an end-of-the-world vibe within. it isn't pleasant, on the whole. my list is three pages long and i have little faith i will ever see any of it again. oddly, the scariest, darkest and seediest pawn shops were the ones that tried to help me the most--the nicer the shop, the more stand-offish they are. odd.

anyway, the crackheads/meth addicts/junkies/greedy bastards took this beautiful turquoise necklace that rich just got me for a) surviving this summer with him and b) for my 40th birthday...and now it is gone. i think i miss that the most--and i can't find a single photo of me wearing it. they also took emerald earrings rich got me when sophie was born (emerald is her birthstone) and the matching aquamarine ones for gus. and they got seven huge navajo cuff bracelets that i wore all the time. and a whole lot more.

the deputies were asking me, "can you think of anyone you've pissed off recently?" (and that is an exact quote) and i was like, "ummmm...." i think it'd be a long list right now (but there is a shorter version if we're talking like right now). can you believe the year we've had?

bring on 2009!


  1. missy i am speechless. i'm just sitting here in tears for you. (and not just b/c i'm hormonal and extra emotional after the election ) i don't even know what to say to be supportive...just thinking of you lady. longing for some relief for us all...this is one hell of a year. i don't know many people (never mind doctor's wives) who are as detached from material things as you, really, and to have the ones you actually give a damn about taken just seems beyond comprehension. love you, d

  2. i've said it before and i'll say it again...i have absolutely wonderful friends. thank you so much, d.