Thursday, December 17, 2009

25 bald eagles on the iowa river

TWENTY-FIVE bald eagles! in the wild! fishing! how very, very cool. before this year i had never seen more than four or five at a time, and i would risk a car + river accident staring at them while driving down rocky shore. i am thrilled to see just one--in fact, in previous years, i would feel seriously cheated if i had to drag my ass outside in the freezing weather and there wasn't even a damn eagle on the river to entertain me! i don't know what changed--maybe there is going to be a big snow storm and the eagles are gorging themselves in preparation? in any event, here are some extremely poor photos i tried to take of them--i'm determined to get one decent shot per winter spent here.

(detail of above)

(detail of above)

(detail of above) 10 eagles!

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