Thursday, December 31, 2009

it's almost a new decade...

sophie under the most majestic blue beech tree ever

...but not quite yet--still in december, still 2009. as previously mentioned, we've had tons of snow and sophie, rich, paco and i put it to good use a couple of days ago by going sledding down lincoln hill (gus was involved in a playstation 3 marathon at his friend jack's house). we'll be doing this tomorrow, too. here's hoping everyone has a safe and happy new year's eve and a fabulous 2010!

happy bunny in the snow...

...because she is being pulled by daddy!

as rich pulled sophie, paco pulled me up the hill

lincoln hill!

it is wicked steep...

...and the eagles were circling overhead (i think they were checking out paco more than sophie)

i would love to think that sophie might, perhaps, be having second thoughts about going down this hill, but i know better


all i could hear was rich screaming/laughing and sophie saying, "again! again! again!"

back up the hill...

...and back down...

...getting a little tired of climbing that hill... we headed home for some yummy hot chocolate.

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