Thursday, December 10, 2009

now wait just an apple pickin' minute!

oooh, that's bad! sorry. we've been stuck inside for a couple of days owing to the lovely iowa winter weather and i think my mind may have snapped...bad puns abound.

these are pictures from our grand apple picking adventure at wilson's orchard just before halloween. i love wilson's--they have something like 140 varieties of apple, including the grand dame of heirloom apples, calville blanc d' hiver. the first time i tried one i knew i had finally eaten an apple--it resonated perfectly with me. they are french, of course, and are traditionally used to make spectacular tartes and other baked yummies. pictures at the end are of rich's half marathon here in iowa city. enjoy!

rich and sophie after the iowa city half marathon, also just before halloween

sophie and daddy

sophie eyes those beads...

and gets them!

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