Thursday, December 3, 2009

thanksgiving in texas

i don't care how long you cooked the turkey, i am not eating it with those feathers on it.


"...psst...kid...when the farmer turns his back, run away. NOW. don't eat the free food, don't take anything with you, just fly south and live on a beach somewhere. send me a postcard."

thanksgiving in texas! too much food, lots of fun farm things, and, of course, "the nutcracker." enjoy!

there is a very good reason we don't take our children out to nice restaurants

lindsay supervises jake in the post-turkey fry-oil drain (it was a mess, but the turkey was fabulous)

gus driving a very full mule o' friends and relatives!

triple A: ashley, abigail and astrid (actually a quad: augustus is driving)

one of the bajillion black dogs that populate the farm

happy rich!

aunt lindsay forcing affection on gus (he loves it)

all that niece and nephew love made her craaaaazy

mom and ashley

gus making friends for life with zilla and madux

sophie showing ashley and gus the proper way to feed a horse (she almost lost a finger doing this over easter)


pretty, pretty ingrid

augustus, who you might remember from six months ago as the horse who got attacked by aforementioned black dogs

his hide has healed beautifully, but he's a bit skittish

cowgirl sophie

independence, thy name is john deere battery-powered tractor

but when the battery dies, it becomes a daddy-powered tractor

sophie quickly figured out the best use for her new toy

uncle jake shows sophie the grown-up version

at the wortham center in houston for "the nutcracker"!

daddy and silly sophie

gus looks so lovely and so NOT like a girl

sophie in her snow princess dress

checkin' out all the people sitting below us

intermission with one of the mice!

sophie didn't want to leave it, but once we did...

...we had our infamous meeting with the bushes!

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