Tuesday, December 29, 2009

decembery iowa in the triangle

i have been seriously remiss about posting photos this month...so y'all get 'em all at once! we've had a ton of snow this december that has decided to stay with us until, i'm guessing, next april or so. it is seriously cold. but, the all-white look does keep the gardening urge at bay--even the swamp looks tolerable in its frozen state. welcome to life in the triangle, winter-in-iowa style (as an aside, and on top of everything else going on in this overly crazy busy month, rich and i celebrated 16 years of triangleness last week...).

gus and i made some yummy christmas cookies at the beginning of the month...which lasted maybe four days.

december snow #1--and gus is kindly shoveling our neighbor's driveway!

december snow #1, looking out back

december snow #2

december snow #3...and i quit taking pictures of it after this.

so much snow, and sophie is so excited!

it's a little harder to walk in than it appears

the swamp looks lovely in a blanket of white

(considering this is what it usually looks like)

paco is just totally confused

elementmaster rich cannot let the snow go unattended...

...thus he built a bitchin' snow fort!

it was much appreciated by all

wild thing gus

gus in a winter theatrical production of "where the wild things are"

rich teaching gus how to cheat

christmas morning!

so many presents...

...and sophie took her time opening them all (thankfully!)...

...but gus got all of his done in about five minutes then had to sit and watch everyone else, which i think encouraged him to think twice about his speedy unwrapping

sweet sophie, maid of the crayons

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  1. Hey Miss,

    Love your blog as always, as well as the awesome pix. I was a little curious as to how much snow you rec'd in the last couple of weeks. The kids would be jealous.

    Love to all & we think of you guys often.